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Tunxi District

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  Tunxi is the seat of Huangshan Municipal Government which has jurisdiction over 4 sub-districts 5 towns,covering an area of 349 square kilomenters,with a population of nearly 200.000.Also known as Yu City ,it gave birth to many historical cultural celebrities,such as Chen Dawei and Dai Zhen to quote but tow.It boasts the Old street,a National Historical and Cultural Protection Unit and the Huangshan Mysterious Grottoes,a national 4A scenic spot,as well as a golf course ,the Millennium Square,and some other modern recreational facilities Folk arts include Battle Drums ,and Sedan-chair-carrying. Some traditionalcrafts, such as Hukaiwen inkstick, Huizhou lacquerware. Huizhou wood carvings, have a long history. The 14.000student campus of Huangshan University is also found here. By taking advantage of its location. Tunxi District will accelerate its infrastructure construction, enhance its tourist services and create a good living environment Ultimately it will strive to build itself into a modern international tourist center.