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Huangshan District

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  Located in the northern part of Huangshan City.Huangshang District has jurisdiction over 14 towns one sub-district, covering an area of 1.669 square kilometers with a population of 163.000.It abounds in tourism resources ,such as Mt Huangshan ,Taiping Lake, Emerald Valley, Hibiscus Valley, Phoenix Valley, some other scenic spots. As one of the first batch of state-level ecological demonstration zone. Huangshan District is the center of production of Taiping Houkui Tea and Huangshan Maofeng Tea. It is rich, also ,in economic crops, such as bamboo.Torreya grandis , mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, and freahwater fish Huangshan District strives to develop into the leisure resort and distribution center of “Tow Mountains and One Lake “golden tourist area in Anhui Province.