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Shexian County

Current Position>> Shexian County

   Located in the southeastern part of Huangshan City .Shexian County has jurisdiction over 28 towns, covering an area of 2.236 square kilometers with a population of 490.000.As a national historical cultural city ,it gave birth to a large number of celebrities, such as Wang Maoyin, Huang Binhong, Tao Xingzhi. Xin’an painting , Xin’an medicine, Xin’an literature and other arts are unique in China .It is regarded as the birthplace of Hui Inkstick and She Inkstone. It is also awarded as a National Civilization County .Its industry includes the manufacture of vehicle dashboards, fine chemistry, silk, clothing, paper, machinery, electronics and pharmacy. The tea output in this county tops any other county in China and silkworm cocoons output ranks first in Anhui province Huangshan Green Peony Tea, Dinggu DafangTea, Santan Loqat. Huizhou Pear, Sweet Dates and some other specialties are very famous all over China.