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Xiuning County

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   Located in the southern part of Huangshan City. Xiuning County has jurisdiction over 24 towns, covering an area of 2.125 square kilometers with a population of 274.000.Form Jiading Reign in the Song Dynasty(1217) to Guangxu Reign in the Qing Dynasty(1880),there appeared 19 civil military No.1 Scholars in Xiuning Country ,which ranks first in China, so it is known as “China’s First Country for No.1 Scholars”. Xiuning County is also regarded as the best lfor Rural Tourism development .The famous Qiyun Mountain is located here. It is “the hometown of Chinese organic tea”. As a core green tea production area in the Golden Triangle ,the green tea export ranks first in China .Some traditional crafts, such as Wan’an Compass ,No.1 Scholar Bookcase and No.1 Scholar Blessing Card ,have a long history and some organic green food, such as Songluo Tea. Wucheng Dried Beancurd, Huishan Tea oil, are very popular.