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  Huangshan Huangshan City King Dragon Co.Ltd. is a famous local product of the soybean processing enterprises. The spirit of "Quality, enterprise, science technology thriving enterprise, brtree stand, talent up the enterprise" business philosophy to "create a green boutique, creating first-class enterprise" as the goal and actively committed to the local traditional products Longwan development and production of dried tea, actively engaged in the modern enterprise system through the establishment and perfection, and gradually so that enterprises become stronger and bigger. At present, enterprises have total assets of 1,300 million yuan, processing base covers an area of 18,000 square meters, employees over 120 people, including professional and technical staff accounted for 20% of the total number of employees, annual production capacity of 2,000 tons.To achieve total sales of 3500 million yuan.

   "Longwan" tea and started in the Southern Song Dynasty and matured in the Yuan Dynasty, flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, fragrance Huizhou thousands of years. Jialong companies have created more in the next, adhering to the Millennium secret prescription, containing the Huizhou culture, heritage, unique flavor, making elegant, tough but not hard, by mouth chewy, nutritious, long aftertaste, was hailed as a traditional industry in Huizhou Duo wonderful work, rated the non-material culture of ancient Huizhou important legacy. Jialong Huangshan tea company as a pioneer and pioneer in dry, always adhere to market-oriented, active introduction of the "green food" production concept and ISO9000 quality management system.

  Huizhou is committed to the ancient tradition of non-material cultural heritage, inheritance and promoted, with remarkable results. Has formed a five-spice, spicy, shrimp, vegetarian ham, chicken juice, sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus, jujube, floss, and many flavors of tea dried products. "Longwan" brand series of tea and dried successively in 1996 won the "Chinese Patent and New Technology Fair gold medal," the second five-year oo Quality Management Award by the city of Huangshan, Anhui Province were rated as famous trademark.

  Product excellence, business flourishing. Located at the foot of Huangshan, Huangshan Jialong Xin'anjiang source companies, will be the same Huangshan broad mind, the same tenderness Xin'anjiang warmth, as always, pursue the "quality first, integrity-based" business purpose, Xiaoying world guests service four friends.

  Mr. Ang, general manager of the staff warmly welcome customers from all walks of life across the country, friends come to guide, to discuss cooperation.