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    Huangshan City is the hometown of Huizhou merchants who once held sway over China's business circles for 300 years, the origin of Hui culture, which, on various levels in many fields, formed characteristic schools styles, It is abundant in contents and extremely perfect in system, and together with Tibet culture and Dunhuang culture, they are listed as our three major regional cultures. Mr. Jiang Zemin summarizes "Five Huizhou key elements" with the five letters "CBMEA", that is, Culture, Business, Medicine, Education and Architecture. Huizhou food, Huizhou opera, Huizhou carvings, Xin 'an Drawing School, Xin 'an Medicine, Hui-style architecture and Hui-style potted landscapes, are still flourishing today. Huizhou cultural historic sites and relics as many as 5000 remain now, among which the world heritage "Ancient villages of southern Wan" are the outstanding examples. Generations of famous and learned scholars were born here, and their total number composes 1/50 of the whole country, among whom are famous Zhu Xi, Dai Zhen, Hu XueYan, Huang Binhong, Tao Xingzhi and Hu Shi, etc.