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    A. Background and Available Conditions

    Huangshan District is the tourist holiday zone and national ecological model area, and the forest coverage rate reaches up to 81%.Both the atmosphere and water quality in the area are up to the national top-grade standard. Chestnuts, edible fungus, wild herbs are abundant here. According to the study, Japan imports over 10000 tons of chestnut powder and 20000 tons of wild herbs from our country every year, and European market imports 15000 tons of Glossy Ganoderma, edible fungus from our country every year.

    The supply lags behind the demand. With the prosperity of tourism, the green food market outlook is engaging.

    B. Scale and Content

    The production line having the capability of producing 600 tons of chestnut powder, 1500 tons of edible fungus and 600 tons of edible wild herbs will be built.

    C. Investment Estimate and Benefit Appraisal

    The project needs investment of 10 million yuan. After put into operaton,20 million yuan annual sales ,3 million yuan profit after paying taxes are expected, with a 3.3 years of reclamation period.

    D. Mode of Investment

    Single investment.