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    A. Background Available Conditions

    Maifan Stone has various effectiveness of dispelling disease, keeping fit, beautifying looks, purifying water quality, keeping fresh so on. And it has strong function of getting rid of colon bacillus, invigorating the circulation of blood, reducing cholesterol. The food and drinks made from it have the healthy-care effect of promoting dieresis, strengthening the stomach, protecting the liver, and enjoy the reputation of longevity stone or magical stone in the world market. So it has good prospects to develop Maifan Stone and its series products. The Nanyang Maifan Stone Mine situated in Guocun Village at the west foot of Mt. Huangshan has undergone the prospecting and inspection by provincial mineral department. This mine, first-rate quality domestically, can only be found in south part of Anhui Province and has the storage of 600,000 cubic meters, 1.2 million tons. The investment environment is superior, with the Provincial Road S218 passing the mine area, and the communication and electrical power facilities needed for the development.

    B. Scale and Content

    The production line with the capacity of producing 20,000 tons of ore annually will be built to develop series health-care food and tourist health resort business.

    C. Investment Estimate and Benefit Appraisal

    The project needs investment of 8 million yuan. After put into operation, 30 million yuan annual sales, 3.2 million yuan profit is expected, with 2 and a half years of reclamation period.

    D. Mode of Investment

    Joint investment, single investment and cooperation