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    A. Background Available Conditions

    Organic agriculture is one of the international agriculture development trends. Organic food is favorable to improve people’s life quality invigorate health. It is very popular in developed countries and in domestic large cities, thus it has an encouraging prospect for development. Our country is now advancing the support to prop up key organic food enterprises and agriculture industrialization. And Huangshan Maofeng Tea development is one of the key supporting industries. Huangshan District, at the transit zone of subtropics to temperate zone with mild climate and moderate rainfall, is the main origin of national famous Maofeng Tea. Tea gardens in mountain area, compassed by cloud and mist, are commonly scattered along the two sides of streams 500 meters above sea level, with spongy soil and deep earth layers and 5.2% organic content. Blight is low in this nice ecological environment. It has the unique resource to develop organic tea.

    B. Scale and Content

    Build organic tea base of 667 hectares, modern tea plant and keep-fresh warehouse. Design packages and promote market.

    C. Investment Estimate and Benefit Appraisal

    The project needs investment of 10 million yuan, among which,3 million yuan for constructing tea garden base,6 million yuan for constructing tea plant and keep-fresh warehouse,1 million for tea packages and marketing. After the development project is finished, 300 tons of Huangshan organic tea is expected to be produced, with 40 million yuan annual sales, 4 million yuan profit. The reclamation period lasts 2 and a half years.

    D. Mode of Investment

    Joint investment, single investment and cooperation