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    I. Background

    Polysilicon is the direct production of silicon raw materials, is a contemporary intelligence, automation, information processing, photoelectric conversion semiconductor devices based on materials. The world semiconductor industry is developing rapidly a large number of applications VLSI, global demfor polycrystalline silicon annual growth rate of 25%. Domestic demand reached only 1,500 tons of polysilicon, while the existing polysilicon plant production enterprises is only 45, about 230 tons capacity, the gap is about 1200 tons. And high production costs of existing enterprises, process backward. Therefore, the use of Huangshan area rich in quartz sand within the resources
Building of international standard polysilicon manufacturers prospects.

    Second, the content and scale construction

    Use of domestic production equipment and technology, an annual output of silica fume 500,000,000 tons, 1,000 tons of polysilicon.

    Investment Budget and Economic benefit forecast

    The total investment is 1 billion yuan (including foreign exchange 53 million U.S. dollars). The annual sales income of 1 billion yuan, annual profit and tax 250 million yuan, investment recovery period is 5 years.

    Fourth, investment

    Joint venture.