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    I. Background

    Huangshan Long source Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. GMP project technical transformation, sarmentosum Qing cream capacity further enhance, organizational capacity further enhance market share expanding and newly Banlangen Granules production project, annual capacity 40000. Currently enterprise already through GMP certification independently developed TCM new products ripe.

    Huangshan Long source Pharmaceutical Limited development also some problems: Enterprise processing varieties single, processing low; estate herbs development efforts enough, estate herbs nearly species form commodity inadequate 1 / 3; herbs planting level extensive , base construction norms low; Chinese herbal Resources insufficient file incomplete. Therefore introduce advanced equipment talents new product development and expand foreign marketing has become enterprise development urgent.

    II Organizer

    Huangshan Long source Pharmaceutical Limited formerly Huangshan herbs processing plants founded in 1978 1998 restructured stock enterprise has 20 years medicine planting and extraction processing history. Enterprises currently occupies 7500 square meters, construction area 5800 square meters fixed assets 6,750,000 yuan, consecutive years been bank rated AA level enterprise. Simultaneously departments repeatedly rated star enterprises, safe production advanced units and measurement management advanced units. Existing staff 24, college education 8 professional technicians 10. Company located scenic Huangshan foot, here perennial air fresh, streams clear pleasant climate.

    Wild medicinal resources rich, common Chinese herbal over 200 kinds. Enterprises established production required Chinese herbal production base annual sarmentosum 500 catties. Chinese herbal extraction processing formed advanced applicable fresh forage extraction processing and product quality guarantee system. Main product sarmentosum, motherwort extract sold Shanghai, Zhejiang, Su etc. TCM pharmaceutical enterprises, sales increased annually part terminal products exported United other countries markets enterprise popularity also constantly upgrade. Because Chinese herbal bases construction, enterprise production original herbs guaranteed stable product quality.

    III construction content and scale

    Add production equipment such cutting medicine machine, washing medicine, multifunction extraction cans, Three external cycle evaporator, dual Energy Saving concentrator, vacuum decompression concentrator, alcohol Shen cans, alcohol recovery tower, speed centrifugal spray drying machine, efficient sifter vacuuming shredders group, 3D mixer, efficient mixed granulating machine, efficient boiling dryer, swing particles machine, automatic packaging machine, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, three UV analyzer, analytical balance, electrothermal thermostat incubator, electrothermal Ovens, HPLC Miriam, clean bench; introduction senior engineer,Engaged drug product development; seek have marketing capabilities enterprise join.

    IV Investment Estimation

    (A) Investment Estimation

    The total inputs need 4,500,000 yuan. Purchase QC equipment and establish Chinese Medicine Quality Standards 2,500,000 yuan; add necessary herbs detection equipment 100 million; establish Series Chinese herbal quality draft standards and testing operation rules 500,000 yuan; recruit senior engineering staff investment 500,000 yuan;

    (B) financing

    1, enterprise self 1,800,000 yuan, this funds currently basic place. Mainly enterprise original accumulate capital and shareholders new investment.

    2, bank credit funds 1,000,000 yuan. Enterprise with Bank years has formed good reputation relations 10 consecutive was bank rated AA grade.

    3 strive cooperation funds 1,700,000 yuan.

    V. Benefit forecast

    Through drug product development, formation independent IPR products thus greatly improve enterprise capacity, achieve annual processing sarmentosum 5000 tons, dry medicinal plus 1,500 tons, output value 25,000,000 yuan, realizing profits 3,600,000 yuan.

    VI investment

    Manner whatsoever

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