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    I. Background

    Primary molybdenum mine located in the Huangshan Mountain in Huangshan Taiping Lake District town of Bo Village, away from the city of Huangshan District, about 21 km, 103 provincial highway the new Hefei - Tongling - Huangshan expressway running through the town, traffic is very convenient, the original production of molybdenum ore nearly 30 years, due to resource depletion the implementation of the policy of bankruptcy in 2003, the mine produced about one million cubic meters of tailings accumulated in the tailings, the tailings by the measure still contains a lot of copper, gold and other trace elements, with certain value of re-refined, as dilapidated part of the tailings dam has cracks ridge facing the risk of broken library, the local government needs to put into a lot of money each year fix. Therefore, the implementation of the "rule of molybdenum ore tailings risk library

    Deep-refining element, land recycling "project is necessary, but also welcome people to come and invest.

    Second, the content and scale construction

    1, re-refining in molybdenum tailings, gold and other trace elements.

    2, the mine and downstream of Taiping Lake, formed by flip-pound refined tailings, can be recycled about 200 acres of arable land, restore the mountain area of 100 acres of field.

    3 molybdenum mine tailings excluding insurance library.

    The Investment Estimation

    Recycling land of about 1.5 million yuan of total investment. (Re-refining equipment trace elements not included)

    4, Benefit forecast

    1, reconstruction of about 200 acres of farmland, according to the principles of the investor who gains, and the local price of about 50,000 yuan / mu, the estimated output value 10 million yuan.

    2, National Land Policy re land grants about 2000 yuan / mu, total of 400,000 yuan.

    3 to eliminate the disease database, can apply for project assistance of about 500000 yuan.

    4, waste recycling, environmental protection project benefits about 200 thousand yuan.

    5, trace extraction, because molybdenum prices rose, the annual net income of about one million yuan.

    Total disposable income of more than about 11 million yuan, investment costs can be recovered that year, productivity gains of about 1 million yuan / year.

    5, investment

    Wholly owned or joint venture

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