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    Huangshan District Red Cross Society of the spirit of "around the service run entities, good physical development" of the spirit, set up a clinics.

    Clinics nature crowned the Red Cross name-for-profit medical institutions. Has Anhui Red Cross May 31, 2003 by Wan Hung Relief 〔2003〕 05 text to be approved and the name "Huangshan District Red Cross Society clinic."

    From the approval has been operating for two years, two years of operation mode is by individual contract, all funds, equipment, staff recruitment by the contractor is responsible for arranging payment, business and administration by the District Health Board, District Red Cross guide, the annual payment of to the District Red Cross funds: According to the provincial red hair 〔1993〕 04 "on the set up Red Cross, enterprises and institutions related to the joint notice" spirit of the regulations. Ie: remove all the expenses, the net profit of 30% of the cross area Red Cross.

    The current lack of funds, can not play the Red Cross clinic should social and economic benefits. To grow the Red Cross clinics, the district Red Cross decided to Foreign Investment interested, please Huangshan District Merchants, Huangshan District Red Cross Contact.

    Tel :0559-8500159 (Huangshan District Investment Promotion Bureau)

    0559-8530326 (Huangshan District Red Cross office)