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    I. Background

    Huangshan District is located in Mount Huang, Taiping Lake tourism an important economic tourism center, 205 State Road, 103,218,322 provincial started the copper yellow highway passes through, accessible rural road network, road Transport development has provided opportunities. With the economic development and tourism rise, and promote social vehicle population increasing I District now has the vehicles 1,500, must Baozhang vehicle technical conditions provided strong support for and from convenience point of view, taking into account my District yet detection means, be in my district to establish a comprehensive performance inspection stations.

    Second, the main construction content and scale

    Huangshan area of the automobile test investment estimated at 300 million, of which required an area of 10 mu, building inspection workshop 700 square meters, estimated at 200 million investment in equipment 1 million yuan.

    The Investment Estimation

    The total investment is about: 3 million yuan.

    Fourth, benefit analysis

    Automobile test fees have been in Anhui Province Price Bureau, Communications Department, Anhui Price funds [2000] No. 28 ratified. Huangshan District Comprehensive Performance Test stand maintenance, quality control, vehicle technology assessment, and entrusted to detect, with considerable economic and social benefits the project construction content and scale.

    V. Cooperation mode

    Joint venture or cooperation.

    6, contact unit

    Huangshan District Department of Transportation

    Contact: Tang Ketao

    Tel :0559-8532277